Alloa Framing Company

One of Alloa’s unique treasures is the Alloa Framing Company / Wool shop on Primrose street. I had the opportunity to go inside and meet the lady who runs it. Liz, who has been working there for the last thirty years, was all too happy to tell me about her wonderful shop. 

She’s been the owner there since 2002 and is fortunate to have the only shop like this for Alloa to have, as there aren’t many wool shops around this area at all. 

Liz is the only staff member in the shop, and she works 6 days a week. With the shop being closed on a Sunday, which she deserves from working so hard! I got on really well with her, as she is a really down to earth and friendly person. 

Going into the shop, I first noticed the beautiful woolen products and the variety of crafting supplies, it was so beautiful inside, you can understand why she loves to be there. Like many shops in Alloa, Liz has her own loyal customers, and is extremely friendly to all who walks through the door. 

Customers ranging from knitters of the older generation to young mums who go in to buy hand-knit wool clothing for their newborn babies, this shop has a place in the hearts of the people of Alloa. The shop offers many products, (that you can buy on Alloa First!) 

During the lockdown, luckily, the shop was doing well, with an influx of local people getting into crafty hobbies and needing supplies for them. Things were going especially well since Alloa Framing Co offered click and collect services (due to shops not being able to open).

After the lockdown, there was a struggle to get supplies into the shop, things such as wool, now, being clothing. This isn’t the case anymore thankfully for our local shop. 

Liz is going strong with doing what she loves, and the shop is thriving. Why not take a trip to the Alloa Framing Company / Wool shop and make a new friend today! 

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