Clacks Stationery

If you’re like me, craft supplies are what you spend all your money on. Personally, all of my extra pennies go on notebooks and pens, so naturally I was so excited to find out that Alloa has its own Clacks Stationers! 

Open now on the Alloa high street, Phil, Shiona and Micheal Morrison have set up shop to bring us everything we could possibly need. Till roll, anyone? Ranging from pens and office supplies to arts and crafts, they are here to get us all hyped about being creative.

In 1999, Phil Morrison was the Managing Director of ‘Scottish Trade Stationers’. 

Originally from Aberdeen, Phil found his way to Clackmannanshire and began his career in stationery by working for a major UK paper manufacturing company selling all manner of paper supplies including till rolls. Through his journey in the stationery world, Phil was eager to start a business of his own…and here we are!

In 2004 Phil’s son, Michael joined the STS team as a young 16-year-old helping around the office and warehouse. Michael shared his Dad’s passion for the stationery business and finally joined as a full-time Sales Rep in 2011.

In 2014, Michael’s wife Shiona joined the team as our Web & Marketing Administrator.

It’s a small team of 3 who work hard to provide the best service possible to their customers. If there’s anything we love in Clackmannanshire, it’s a family run business with a love of what they do!

Currently stationed at the top of our High Street, Clacks Stationers have everything you could need as a business, a student or a teacher. They started CS Spring 2020, at the start of the lockdown madness. Starting as a wholesale business, delivering to all of the UK, they have now ventured into more commercial sales, with a catalogue of over 500+ products!

Going into the shop to speak with Michael, we were fascinated by the amazing products they had to offer. Anything suitable for children with arts and crafts, students for folders and stationery, even with money boxes and till roll for businesses. 

We already know we will be going in often to get our office supplies! It will be a local and easy option for businesses in the Alloa area to stock up on anything they need. 

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