Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re trick or treating, going to a party or sitting in this Halloween weekend, we have some recommendations for you to enjoy it!

If you’re not up for DIYing a costume, the high street has plenty of options. Your local charity shop (like Home-Start!) always have great cost-effective options for adults and kids. Some costumes online or from big branches are expensive and worn for one day out of the year, which isn’t the best option for all families. But, if you’re looking for some DIY material, The Alloa Framing Company have bits and bobs to help with this, where Liz can assist you with any needs. 

But, if you’re looking to have a party you’ll need things like sweets, treats and all things in-between! Many shops in Alloa can help with this, or if you’re looking for some handmade treats, you need to check out the new LoveCake shop. 

Last but not least, pumpkins. Any of our fresh produce suppliers like Anna’s Larder or Central Produce will have these… but we all know where to find pumpkins… what do we do with them AFTER Halloween?

Feed the wilderness! All you need to do is cut off the top half of your pumpkin and it’s an easy bird feeder! Just add birdseed and hang it from something in your garden for an easy place for the birds to get to.  What you could also do, is cut the pumpkin into smaller chunks and animals like squirrels who are getting ready for winter will have a field day with it!

Another simple way is roasting pumpkins seeds to eat or use in recipes! All you need to do is separate the seeds, rinse them, spread them out on a baking tray, cover them in something like salt, butter, oil and roast them at a high temperature. Easy roasted pumpkin seeds with low waste! With the seeds used up, you can use the rest of the pumpkin to bake some goods.  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, anything you can think of, then you’ve used up the whole pumpkin. 

If there are any other pumpkins remains, or you don’t want to bake with them,  add them to your wee compost bins if you want to do good, with minimal effort. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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