Welcome to Jaadoo Alloa, where we bring the magic of Indian cuisine to life in the heart of Alloa.

At Jaadoo, we mix the traditional tastes of India with a modern twist, creating a dining experience as vibrant and diverse as India itself. Our newly opened restaurant combines the passion and skill of a team of highly experienced chefs and service staff, committed to providing you with the best possible dining experience. Jaadoo Alloa is more than just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of taste and tradition. Enjoy our exclusive curries proudly crafted by our talented chefs, each in their own way celebrating the very best flavours and spices India has to offer. Whether you fancy the coziness of our dine-in experience or the convenience of our home delivery and takeaway services, Jaadoo Alloa is here to provide a special eating experience for you, your friends and loved ones. Come and join us. Jaadoo Alloa, the taste of magic!

Book now at or call 01259 213344


6 Mill Road Alloa Clackmannanshire United Kingdom FK10 1JY